The Labyrinth of Life

Saturday, November 19, 2005

I have been starting to feel the pressure of the holidays upon me as I worry about cooking on Thanksgiving and after that I will quickly begin to worry dreadfully about Christmas. I use to get involved with all of this holiday preparation and I think I enjoyed it. Now it is the absolute worst time of year and it just has to be endured.

Growing up in a large household it was very exciting, festive and fun as I look back retrospectively. I wonder just how much fun it could have been for my poor mother. She cooked and cleaned and planned and kept traditions going year after year and I never recall her complaining. My father was as excited as the kids, usually the first one up, awakening those of us not in front of the tree yet. Of course, he wasn't the one doing all of the work, he just had to pay for it!

It just all seems so pointless. I believe that as soon as my mother goes to the great beyond, or at least her ashes mix in with my fathers' in his beautiful ashbox, I will continue to put on a happy face and celebrate the holiday with her. That's the least she deserves.


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